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Wing Chun | Kung Fu Schools | Perth

Learn Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught to the Legendary Bruce Lee. True Ip (Yip) Man Wing Chun.

Located in Western Australia.

New Classes starting soon. Children | Adults welcome |


Wing Chun is a no nonsense Martial Art where you learn principles and techniques that you can use after just one lesson. Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches you how to punch and kick using your body structure, so you can beat a much larger and stronger attacker. All movements are highly effective and extremely fast, making Wing Chun whip like attacks one of the fastest to be seen in the Martial Arts World. This makes Wing Chun an ideal defensive system for women, men and children of all ages. This is the system that was taught to the legendary Bruce Lee by Great Grandmaster Ip Man and the system that Bruce Lee taught his students when he first arrived in America.Many Martial Arts take decades of training before you can become proficient. Starting a martial art, but it being of no use in a violent street attack is useless. Cartwheels, back flips, high kicks etc. take years of practice. Why spend years training to become a gymnast, when what you want is to learn how to win in a life threatening confrontation now.

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